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About Us

EVERGREAT was founded in 2012 in California, US, and with Design and R&D teams based in Shenzhen.

The Company began with a simple idea: To bring a pleasant feeling to people. Different cultures and lifestyles influence everyone's daily life. At EVERGREAT INC, we believe a beautiful life has no boundaries. Constantly, we’ve been learning from life and searching for every beautiful thing in it. We are dedicated to providing qualified products at reasonable prices to all customers. In the meanwhile, promote a simple, comfortable and pleasant life style.

Over the past few years, EVERGREAT Design, Research and Develop New Products, and successfully created the Brands of LOFTEK Outdoor LED Lights and MelodySusie Beauty Equipment, we enjoy to satisfy all the Customers, we’re a team of passionate people.

EVERGREAT in Shenzhen continues to Research and develop New Hi-Tech Products, its technology partners looks forward to introducing new products throughout 2018 and beyond.